Deacon Ministry
Highlands Baptist Church

The office of the deacon is an important part of any Baptist church. Deacons are called by God and elected by the church to serve in numerous ways: assisting in the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper; visitation of those suffering from illness, injury, or some other great need of life; counseling; preaching; assisting the pastor in his daily duties and responsibilities. At Highlands, each deacon has an assigned number of families for which he is to minister and serve as Christ served.

After a man proves himself to be worthy, the members of Highlands Baptist elect this man to the office and the deacon’s ministry often plays a vital role in the life of the church for years to come. Highlands Baptist is fortunate to have several men who not only hold this office, but also hold up their standards to that which is demanded by the office.

Specifically, deacons rotate responsibility on a weekly basis making themselves available to the church members as the need arises whether it be for hospital calls, emergencies or similar matters. Call the church at 751-3500 should you have any question about the deacon assigned to your family.

John Maxey

Family Last Name
A - D

Steve Long

Family Last Name
E - H
Mike Kimmell

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Jeff Shelton

Family Last Name
O-P & T-Z
Fred Mims

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Rick Buckley

Deacons and Staff

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